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Our intensive course will take you through the life cycle of bamboo from propagation to build. This MUST be your first encounter with Bamboo in the Philippines. This is the starter that lead to specialized areas in Bamboo.


Bamboo is easy to grow and easy to propagate which allows for maintenance of an ecological balance. It also provides itself means to support its existence through trade in the Philippine Bamboo Industry.

Make Money

There are limitless opportunities in the Bamboo Industry in the Philippines. Knowing where leads to choosing how the Philippine Bamboo can provide livelihood and thrive in this ecosystem.


There are various skills needed by working with Bamboo found in the Philippines, depending on its uses. We will show you how to work with it for Construction, Furniture, Handicrafts and the likes.

Welcome to Bamboo Bootcamp

In the past, Bamboo was seen as the “poor man’s timber” in the Philippines. It has never been given the value it deserves. The Bamboo Bootcamp aims to show differently. We take you through the entire life cycle of the Philippine Bamboo during these bamboo workshops.

You will go from learning to plant, propagate and grow, to managing that growth, gearing up for harvest. Identifying which to harvest for maximum advantage, not only for profit but also timber strength, to proper treatment methods to prolong the life of the Philippine Bamboo.

We will also show you the different ways the ‘Green Steel” can be used for Livelihood – from Handicrafts, to Furniture, all the way as being used as a sustainable building material that doesn’t compromise design, sustainability and durability. The Bootcamp opens up a door of opportunities that allow for bigger windows to showcase the limitless opportunities of Bamboo.

Philippine Bamboo Statistics


Bamboo Species in the Philippines


Global Market Size of Bamboo


Estimated No. Of Bamboo Poles Required/Year

48K HAs

Total Bamboo Hectarage in the Philippines

Bamboo Bootcamp Courses

We offer 4 Bamboo Workshops to Suit your Journey with Bamboo.

Bamboo Building

Intense Bamboo Training

Learn the entire sustainable life-cycle of bamboo from seedling to structure.


Intro Course

Bamboo Intro Course

Discover Bamboo as a Sustainable Material and the Many Opportunities it has to Offer.


Focus Sessions on

Focus Sessions on Bamboo

Explore Specific Areas of Interest in Bamboo such as Propagation, Carpentry, Treatment, Design and Build


Workshop on
Bamboo Opportunities

Workshop on Bamboo Opportunities

Money-making activities and Opportunities in Bamboo and how to tap into it.


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Our students success stories

Below is what our students have to say about us.

Smiley faceThe Bamboo Fundamentals Training under Ar. Jed Michael De Guzman who was trained in the Bamboo University in Bali is an amazing experience. Having to live in the Bamboo House in Manolo Fortich for 9 days and studying the importance of bamboo in sustainability and bamboo from planting, propagation, clump management, to harvesting, to treatment and actual handling, to uses in furniture and actual construction of a bamboo house. Indeed, it's a life changing experience.

Smiley face

Rizza Funa, Architect

Smiley faceEight days? With so many discoveries and experiences at every "bamboo node," I forgot to count the days. Interesting, exciting, exhausting. Every day was a "pliant like bamboo" movement from theory to practice, from lecture to workshop, from ideal to real. But more than the magic of bamboo, it was the contagion of interacting with people in love with bamboo that spelled the difference.

Smiley face

Father Mario Baclig

Smiley faceIt is an unforgettable experienced which its not only about bamboo i have learn but also i gain new good friends. It's a life changing experienced and inspires me advocate bamboo construction in our country.

Smiley face

Catherine Ramoso, Architect

Smiley faceMakabuluhan ang pagsali ko sa bamboo bootcamp na to. 3 years n kong nagtatrabaho gamit ang kawayan pero nagugulat parin ako sa mga natutuklasan ko sa kawayan... sa tingin ko marami pang tinatago ang kawayan na nagaatay lng matuklasan

Smiley face

Jaypee Igos

Smiley faceThe workshop has not only showed me the limitless possibilities of bamboo but also showed us how to tap its maximum potential. You will be left all fired up and excited to pursue your bamboo dreams to reality!

Smiley face

Eunice Maria

Smiley faceMula 1st module hngng last. Im sure wala kng palalampasin. Sobrang saya ng work shop, very interesting and exciting, nakaka-adik ang bawat work shop.
I almost didn't want to stop hand on training. You don't have to be a skilled worker to train, you need to learn.

Smiley face

Edel Pacaldo

Smiley faceThe workshop was very comprehensive and gave lots of opportunities for hands-on experience. I really got to know and understand bamboo in its entireity, which gave me a great appreciation for its value both to the environment and the human community. I cannot wait to make use of my new skills!

Smiley face

Bianca Espinos

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Bamboo Building Fundamentals

10-day Intense Bamboo Training – Learn the entire sustainable life-cycle of bamboo from shoot to structure