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Bamboo Workshop Scholarship


Accepting Bamboo Workshop Scholarship Applications

Bamboo Workshop Scholarship

This workshop is for anybody with the LOVE and Interest in Bamboo and on a mission for a sustainable ecosystem. Farmers that want to propagate, professionals who want to see its properties as a strong building material, Craftsmen who want to learn how to work with it, Enthusiasts who want to learn of its many uses, Arts & Crafts Lovers who want to learn how to use Bamboo as a medium and Entrepreneurs, LGUs and Business People who can see the opportunity for livelihood. The Bamboo Industry fulfills the 17 Sustainable Goals set forth by the UN, thus allowing participants to indulge in building a better world through Bamboo.


What you will learn:


In this Bamboo Workshop, the following will be covered:
(Complete Course: 5 Modules)
    • Introduction of Bamboo as Sustainable Timber
    • Bamboo Possibilities and Traditional Uses
    • Propagation
    • Clump Care & Management
    • Proper Harvest Practices
    • Bamboo Preservation thru Treatment
    • Bamboo Design & Scale Modeling
    • Power Tools
    • Joinery Techniques
    • Roping Skills
    • Pole Manipulation
    • Engineered Bamboo
    • Furniture Prototype
    • Bamboo Carpentry & Construction
    • Philippine Bamboo Industry and Technical Data on Bamboo