Bamboo Mini Workshops - Bamboo Bootcamp


CLUMP CAMP – Bamboo Propagation, Harvest, Clump Management & Nursery DEVT

Learn how to manage existing bamboo clumps, identify pole age, harvest properly and establish a bamboo nursery in this weekend Fast Track Bamboo Experience. Our methodology will combine lectures and actual hands-on activities to ensure you will be equipped to do this on your own moving forward.

Securing stable supply is what will make or break the Philippine Bamboo Industry now & in the future…

Bamboo Design & Build Fast Track (5-Day Crash Course)

An intensive training in traditional & contemporary bamboo construction techniques. During the workshop, we will build an entire medium-sized bamboo structure. This is perfect for Architects, Engineers & Contractors.

Go deep with Bamboo by designing & creating with the guidance of seasoned designers, architects, engineers & bamboo artisans from the Bamboo Bootcamp team.

Bamboo Design and Scale Modeling

Drawings and templates aren’t the only way to learn in this module. The logic of construction is developed, with the breakthrough point being product efficiency. The bamboo’s properties, processing methods, structures, and spatial potential can all be explored by the participants. This module aims to teach participants how to create a successful bamboo scale replica. The most crucial part you will learn from this module is the joinery method.

Workshop Available:

Bamboo Structural Properties, Joints, and Manipulation

Since bamboo is hollow, tapered, has nodes at varying lengths, and is not completely circular, making excellent and aesthetically appealing bamboo joints is difficult. When designing a bamboo joint, it’s important to keep all of these restrictions in mind. This module aims to educate the participants on the structural properties of bamboo as well as how to manipulate it when constructing a building, and how to join bamboo poles correctly.


Bamboo has been used to create a variety of instruments including flutes, mouth organs, saxophones, trumpets, drums, xylophones. Using it does not require any special skills, just the soul and your openness to share. We will show you a number of Bamboo Musical instruments, as well as show you how to make some from scratch, and in the end create a Bamboo Musical Ensemble with your co-participants.

Bamboo Intro Buildathon – 3-Day Bamboo Crash Course with Build

Green Lifestyle Architect, Ar. Ma. Lourdes “Joy” Onozawa collaborates with the Bamboo Bootcamp on a 3-Day Bamboo Workshop, consisting of Bamboo 101, Bamboo 102 and a rapid build project, a combination of lectures and actual hands-on activities.

This is perfect for those who are curious about Bamboo and would like to dive in head first. This course is made for first-timers and enthusiasts. This course is open to everyone with the will and ability to learn new things. Don’t be alarmed, there will be professionals in the training team to guide and assist all of us to ensure safety and efficient learning experience.