Bamboo Mini Workshops - Bamboo Bootcamp


Bamboo Appreciation, Propagation, and Clump Management

This module aims to let the participants understand the plant propagation techniques of bamboo, including the use of seeds, seedlings or juvenile plant stocks, as well as mature clumps, and the management of monopodial and sympodial bamboo. This also aims to have the participants appreciate the wonders and the wide possibilities of the bamboo plant through hands-on activities.

Harvesting and Treatment Preservation Techniques

Bamboo’s lifetime differs widely depending entirely on the species, as well as how it is grown, exported, cured, treated, stored, managed, used, and maintained. All aspects are significant, and even well-treated bamboo will not last long if it is improperly handled or used. With this module, participants will be taught how to identify bamboo that is already good for harvesting and the different ways on how to treat it.

Bamboo Design and Scale Modeling

Drawings and templates aren’t the only way to learn in this module. The logic of construction is developed, with the breakthrough point being product efficiency. The bamboo’s properties, processing methods, structures, and spatial potential can all be explored by the participants. This module aims to teach participants how to create a successful bamboo scale replica. The most crucial part you will learn from this module is the joinery method.

Workshop Available:

  • October 15 – 17, 2021 – Carmen, Cebu

Bamboo Structural Properties, Joints, and Manipulation

Since bamboo is hollow, tapered, has nodes at varying lengths, and is not completely circular, making excellent and aesthetically appealing bamboo joints is difficult. When designing a bamboo joint, it’s important to keep all of these restrictions in mind. This module aims to educate the participants on the structural properties of bamboo as well as how to manipulate it when constructing a building, and how to join bamboo poles correctly.

Bamboo Construction, Bamboo Carpentry, Bamboo Craft

Bamboo may be used to build scaffolding, bridges, homes, and other structures. Not only that, but bamboo can be carefully crafted into a variety of pieces with only a few or simple tools. With this module, participants will learn about the necessary things and tricks on how to construct and craft with bamboo.