Bamboo Fundamentals - Bamboo Bootcamp

Bamboo Building Fundamentals

(5 Modules spread on 10 days)

Bamboo Building Foundations Workshop Objectives

Who can join this course?

This workshop is for anybody with the LOVE and Interest in Bamboo and on a mission for a sustainable ecosystem. Farmers that want to propagate, professionals who want to see its properties as a strong building material, Craftsmen who want to learn how to work with it, Enthusiasts who want to learn of its many uses, Arts & Crafts Lovers who want to learn how to use Bamboo as a medium and Entrepreneurs, LGUs and Business People who can see the opportunity for livelihood. The Bamboo Industry fulfills the 17 Sustainable Goals set forth by the UN, thus allowing participants to indulge in building a better world through Bamboo.

Bamboo Building Foundations – Course Objectives

Bamboo possibilities and traditional uses

We will take a look at what Bamboo has been used over time and throughout history. We will explore what it can be and the possibilities it brings. We will tackle a wide range of optimal uses for bamboo to give participants a wide-angle view of the industry and where it can go as far as direction for the future of the industry.

Intro on Bamboo post harvest treatment

Bamboo can last over 50 years when treated right. We will demonstrate and experience the different treatment methods known to prolong the life of the Bamboo as a timber as well as maintain its strengths. This module will discuss, treatment options as well as drying and preserving methods.

Bamboo Scaled modeling workshop for structure

Participants will create scale models using Bamboo Sticks to bring their ideas to life and to test if what they have imagined is structurally sound. This is a hands-on training module where we can discover the potential, as well as, the limitations of Bamboo. The output would be a prototype of an actual build in 3D. Structural discoveries, design and architecture are a few things you will learn in this module.

Carpentry workshop and furniture prototyping

Hands-on training on how to work with Bamboo. Learn the basic skills needed to be able to make your own furniture, crafts and even joinery for construction. This will show you Filipino carpentry methods, use of the right tools and joinery.

On site quick project start using Bamboo

The output of this course will be an actual structure that hails from scale model to a structure that is upright. The culmination of all the course objectives. A skeleton Structure and a major furniture will be the trophy of this course.

Introduction of Bamboo as sustainable timber

We will explore the natural properties of Bamboo and how this poor man’s timber can be a sustainable building material. This Giant grass can be used for all parts of the build from beams, posts, lintel, roofing, walls and many others. Bamboo is light and strong, with its structural properties, not to mention eco-friendly benefits, make it an ideal material for sustainable building.

Bamboo Construction Foundation Knowledge

As a bamboo Bootcamp graduate you will take with you skills enable you to build with bamboo in a way you prefer. We put utmost importance to ensure that all our participants receive a holistic learning experience that motivates and inspires, not only in your professional journey with bamboo but also your personal intentions. Learn the necessary skills to learn how to plant, how to harvest, how to prolong and preserve the Bamboo for constructions as well as how to actually use it with integrity.

Become a Millennial Farmer

Whether your are a seasoned farm professional or just taking your first steps in agri, you will receive on how to incorporate sustainability and community livelihood into your own practice. Being able to step out of your normal environment and practices, engaging in hands-on techniques with a pure, rich and sustainable natural material, and exchanging new ideas with people from different localities and backgrounds will allow you to step and look at the bigger picture of our age and time. Feel free to replace your old beliefs with some ones to gain some fresh, new, and greener perspective.

Connect with a Local Bamboo Network

As a bamboo movement widens around the Philippines, so does our bamboo family Bamboo Bootcamp joins together a diverse group of local participants and facilitators. Not only will you gain a community of like-minded people that will help support your Bamboo journey, a support sytem to help you get through challenges you may experience. But you may also meet new friends that may become your partners in your new-found Bamboo endeavours.

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July 21 – 30, 2022

Location: Cebu

Registration Fee: Php 45,000


 Course Fee and Materials
 Basic Dorm Type Lodging with clean bathrooms
 Basic Meals (3 square and 2 snacks)
 An experience of a Lifetime

June 27 – July 7, 2024

Location: Hayag Farm School, Brgy Baganihan, Davao City
Registration Fee: Php 45,000


 Course Fee and Materials
 Basic Dorm Type Lodging with clean bathrooms
 Basic Meals (3 square and 2 snacks)
 An experience of a Lifetime