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Bamboo Design Intro Course

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2-Day Bamboo Design Intro Course

Immerse into the world of Bamboo Design and Bamboo Architecture.

Get started in getting to know Bamboo by learning how to design with Bamboo by creating your very own 3D architectural scale models under the mentorship of designers, architects and master carpenters from the Bamboo Bootcamp team.

During the 2-Day Bamboo Design Intro Course we will bring your imagination to reality, starting with learning about Bamboo Properties, Basic Treatment methods and creating scaled models, allowing you to comprehend the vast possibilities and challenges of bamboo as a building material. The journey will entail : design brainstorm and concept creation, playing with posts, lintels and grid shells , identifying poles to use for construction and building joineries & techniques.

What you will learn:

    • Philippine Bamboo Industry and Technical Data on Bamboo
    • Identification of Poles and Bamboo Treatment Basics
    • Bamboo design & 3D Scale Model Making (Post & Lintel + Gridshell)
    • Traditional Bamboo carpentry & joinery
    • Structural Properties of Bamboo
    • Reciprocating Tower Exercise
    • Bamboo Joinery Practical Exercise

Who is this course for?

The workshop is for anyone with a passion and an interest in Bamboo Architecture & Design and wanting to find ways to explore how creative they can get with Bamboo. Whether you are an architect, engineer, craftsman or a DIY type of handyman, you will be able to enhance your skills in Bamboo design, work alongside our architects, designers and carpenters to bring our projects to life.

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 June 09 – June 11, 2023

Location: Baganihan, Marilog District, Davao City

Registration Fee: Php 9,000


Course Fee and Materials
Basic Dorm Type Lodging with clean bathrooms
Basic Meals (3 square and 2 snacks)