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Bamboo Music 101

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Indegenous Bamboo Musical Instruments Workshop Objectives



Who can join in this course?


Music is for everyone. To play, To enjoy, To make. Bamboo is for everyone. So we marry both. We bring you Bamboo Music 101. In a world full of judgements and segregations, Music is a solace where we can all BE ourselves, express ourselves without judgment and enjoy being part of a community.

In Bamboo Music 101, we will be taking a natural indigenous material, Bamboo, commonly found in the Philippines and make musical instruments with it, most commonly used in the Philippines and create music together.

Bamboo has been used to create a variety of instruments including flutes, mouth organs, saxophones, trumpets, drums, xylophones. Using it does not require any special skills, just the soul and your openness to share. We will show you a number of Bamboo Musical instruments, as well as show you how to make some from scratch, and in the end create a Bamboo Musical Ensemble with your co-participants.

This workshop is open to all (YES, non musicians, too) from ages 15 onwards. This is perfect for families, friends and enthusiasts.

You will learn about Bamboo and the History of Bamboo Instruments in the Philippines, How to prepare the Bamboo for making the instruments and actually make your own Bamboo Instrument. The culmination of this workshop will be a Bamboo Concert where you and your batchmates will be headlining.


  • Ka-WHY-an – Why Bamboo and an Introduction to Bamboo Instruments in the Philippines
  • Bamboo Properties, Species and Treatment
  • Different Kinds of Bamboo Instruments
  • Tools and Materials used for Bamboo Instrument Making
  • Basics of Bamboo Instrument Making
  • Bamboo Musical Instrument Hands-On Workshop

What is included in my Bamboo Music 101 Workshop fee?

  • A 2-day hands-on and immersive bamboo musical instruments workshop experience
  • All tools and materials
  • A bamboo musical instruments workshop, including 1 musical instrument to take home with you
  • All required transportation between locations during course days
  • Immersion in natural, scenic surroundings
  • Pre-arrival check-list and planning information
  • Hands-on learning about indigenous bamboo musical instruments
  • A chance to get hands-on with bamboo.
  • The know-how to start creating your own bamboo musical instruments
  • Exploration of natural materials that work in harmony with bamboo musical instruments
  • A supportive and inclusive learning environment
  • Delicious, healthy meals, including juice, coffee and snacks, throughout the course
  • To take part in a Bamboo Musical Instrument Ensemble
  • Connecting with a diverse group of like-minded people
  • An intimate group size (25 max. participants)

Who can join in this course?

This Bamboo Indegenous Musical Instruments Workshop is for anybody with the LOVE and Interest in Bamboo and on a mission for a sustainable ecosystem. This workshop is open to all (YES, non musicians, too) from ages 15 onwards. This is perfect for families, friends and enthusiasts.


Stud Jader , Main Facilitator

He a professional Bamboo plate tuner, an alumnus of Harmonya: The String Ensemble of UPLB, The Philosophical Society of UPLB, and Bamboo Bootcamp—batch 12. He is also a civil engineer currently taking up MA in Philosophy at UP Diliman.


Zedie Balaccua

A civil engineer who is enamored by architecture and Bamboo Utilization. An alumnus of Bamboo Bootcamp—batch 12. He is a Project Engineer, Site Supervisor, and Orchestra Cellist for a living.

Michael Cedric Bartolome

He works with plants at the Institute of Crop Science, University of the Philippines Los Baños specializing on plant identification and genetic resources conservation and management. He is a co-author of the SEARCA published reference, A Field Guide to the Common Cultivated Crops of the Philippines (Vol. 1).

Photo credits to Kai Tagbo


Enroll Now!

Enroll Now!

Nov 5-6, 2022 New Sked!!

Location : Marilog District, Davao City

Venue : Hayag Center, Brgy Baganihan

Registration Fee : Php 8500


Course Fee and Materials
Basic Dorm Type Lodging with clean bathrooms
Basic Meals (3 square and 2 snacks)
An experience of a Lifetime