17 Bamboo Landscaping Ideas for 2020 - Bamboo Bootcamp

In this blog, let’s talk about Bamboo Landscaping Ideas for 2020.

Landscaping with bamboo plants is becoming popular everyday among landscapers, designers and home owners because    of the multiple of choices and leave you with wealthy of experience. That help in creating unique ideas and designs that match your environment in terms of space, water availability, development purpose, and budget.

In brief, here’re the top 10 bamboo landscaping ideas; bamboo privacy screen, bamboo hedging, bamboo fence, potted bamboo, bamboo edging, bamboo in a container, wooden planter. Below are the most preferred and developed bamboo landscaping ideas

1. Bamboo Landscaping Ideas: Privacy Screen

bamboo landscaping ideasWhat is privacy screen? It’s that plant green barrier in a space that cover and separate an area in a landscape or a room. Bamboo is the most preferred plant for visual privacy screen because of its low footprint and its ever green nature.

When used in the outdoor space it makes a very stylish impact and grow first. In the homes it can be used to separate rooms or create extra room. Depending with the available space and the reason why you’re creating privacy screen. You can use a pot, wooden planter or a containers to create your green barrier or grow a fence.

With unlimited choices of the bamboo varieties to plant in your yard or garden .Landscapers or the developers go for a variety of bamboo that serve their interest best.  The screen is for creating privacy and either to also divide a space, carbon sink, and natural artistic designs in the landscape or create a barrier.

The choice of the variety of the bamboo you plant will be greatly influenced by the climate zone, desired appearance and required height. The type of the bamboo you pick should be cold hardy enough for your climate zone so that your bamboo can grow first and be ever green.

How to plant bamboo for privacy screen.

Bamboo if planted correctly can create for you a privacy screen within three years. First make the right choice of bamboo that is cold hardy enough for your climate zone. Do soil test to determine the PH and fertility of your soil most of the bamboo variety grow best in fertile soils and neutral Ph. When planting have in mind bamboo need sunlight and enough water for healthy plant. Plant Bamboo clumps that are about 3 to 5 feet’s with minimum spacing but don’t over plant for quick growth of privacy screen.

2.Bamboo Landscaping Ideas: Bamboo Hedging

bamboo hedgingBamboo is a good hedge because it grow quick, evergreen, attractive and affordable. Why should you plant bamboo hedge?  A hedge marks property line and boundary in the landscape.

How to plant and grow bamboo hedging.

To create a bamboo hedge you need to have in mind the variety of the bamboo available, landscape, and spacing, water and bamboo food. Depending with the variety of the bamboo you plan to plant the total cost of the project will be different. If your choice is clumping bamboo you have to work on clumps and planting costs only but if your choice is running bamboo you have at extra cost build a barrier underground to avoid being in conflict with neighbors or your bamboo spreading in unwanted areas.

Till the top soil around the ground where you want to plant your bamboo. This will help the bamboo shoots to grow fast and easy. Mix the top soil with manure fertilizer for health bamboo plant. When planting bamboo hold it by the root ball instead of cane to avoid putting stress on the plant. Dig a hole that is twice the width of the root ball this will create enough space for soil amendment.

Position your bamboo root ball in such a way it’s even with the existing ground.    You want to dig a hole about twice the width of the root ball to allow room for soil amendment. When installing the bamboo, position the root ball where it is even with the existing ground. Fill around the root ball with top soil only. Be very keen when using tools.

3.Bamboo Landscaping Ideas: Bamboo edge

This help to create privacy in your garden or yard and makes the space look ecofriendly. Bamboo edging is affordable and as high renewable quality. Landscapers prefer it because of its flexibility and easy installation.

4. Bamboo garden

Since bamboo has high carbon sink which is about 30 percent .The garden help to absorb carbon dioxide and bring the natural feel in your outside décor.

5. Bamboo eatery

Bamboo is a very cool plant it bring the natural feel when relaxing or dinning.

6. Bamboo in a pot

Can bamboo grow in a pot? Yes. But make sure you use well-draining potting soil and the pot should have a drainage at the bottom. After 3 years transplant the plant to different new pots so that the rhizomes don’t break the pot if it’s a running bamboo. Water your plant during summer season. Ornamental bamboo is the best bamboo variety to grow in a pot.

7. Bamboo in wooden planter

Planter makes it easier to manage running bamboo in a garden. It’s flexible and affordable.

8. Bamboo fencing

Bamboo fencing is made of rolls or panels. It’s easier to install, affordable and bring natural look in the garden.    Can be used as a freestanding screen. When used as internal fence it bring stability of the garden fence. Comes in variety of sizes and style.

9. Bamboo in a container

Bamboo in a container gives you freedom of choice in terms of bamboo varieties to grow because the container serve as barrier to the running bamboo and they can be moved from one area to another.

Considerations When Choosing Bamboo Landscaping Ideas

There several factors that influence one choice which includes cost, material availability, variety of bamboo, bamboo growth rate and garden space.


Depending with the type of bamboo you decide to plant in your garden different variety of bamboo plants have are sold in the bamboo nurseries at different quotation.

Material availability

The choice of bamboo landscaping idea may require different materials so you have to check availability at that point in time. Like the bamboo pot idea and wooden planter   require pots which might not be locally available and require to go beyond your budget limit.

Bamboo growth rate.

Bamboo growth rate if not controlled can be a serious challenge in your garden. Depending with the variety of bamboo you plant it grow stronger and teller each year. If you plant bamboo plant when it’s just 6 feet’s with 4 stalks. The following year you will have 8 stalks that are 10 feet’s taller .Then the third year they will be 16 stalks which are 17 feet’s taller. Good news you just need to be regularly pruning your bamboo at the top to manage its growth.

Use a pruner to trim it. You can also hire your local bamboo trimming specialist who can be cutting and trimming your bamboo plants with ease. Only ornament bamboo when in a garden have growth rate that is not a bother and don’t need to be controlled.

Type of bamboo.

Bamboo are classified in two categories either as clamping bamboo and running bamboo. Clumping bamboo are sym podia and they have rhizomes which don’t spread rapidly .It also referred as non-invasive bamboo. This means clumping bamboo does not produce the underground runners that create rapid, spreading growth. Its rhizomes grow more slowly over time, and they sprout up in clumps.

This the best variety for bamboo landscaping ideas like bamboo in a pot and bamboo hedging because it will not grow in unwanted areas. Bamboo in category of clumbers includes bambusa vulgaris,bambusa multiplex,giant timber,bambusa ventricosa,bambusa tulda,bambusa longispiculata,bambusa blumeana.

You can easily identify bambusa bamboo variety by observing its nodes. Bambusa are big in size  and have multiple of  branches emerging from the nodes with one or two larger than the  others .The branches can grow up to 11 feet’s.

The other type of bamboo is referred as running bamboo. Its invasive meaning it grow in unwanted areas .They have long rhizomes which spread horizontally.   It can grow 12 inches a day. The golden type bamboo like phyllostachys aurea spread at alarming rate and within a short period they colonize the whole area is not controlled. You can stop the bamboo from spreading by creating a barrier, root pruning or growing your running bamboo in a container, pot or a planter.   Running bamboo is best for live fence because of its ability spread and grow at high speed.

Garden space.

Availability of space will determine the type of bamboo landscaping ideas to choose because different will require specific design. If you have limited and you don’t want your bamboo to spread to unwanted areas or colonize other plants. Ideas like bamboo wooden planter, bamboo in a pot or container can help to manage the space. Dream of every designer and own of yard or landscape when choosing plants, designs and ideas for the landscape space they all want a plant that is easy to manage and one that add sense of tranquility in the immediate environment.

Currently, bamboo plant is one of the most embraced plant for landscaping by home owners and property developers because of its unique properties for creating cool, magnificent and beautiful environment around in your compound or your targeted space. Bamboo plants can be purchased from online distributers or your local bamboo garden nursery.


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