5 Ways to Use Bamboo in Your Landscape - Bamboo Bootcamp

Bamboo is one of the most exotic and eco-friendly materials used in construction. Long associated with Asian cultures and design, this giant grass has been trending in the U.S. for the last few years, especially in flooring. It is strong, beautiful, and thanks to speedy growth, an economical choice for consumers and a renewable resource for producers. Outdoors, there are countless ways you can use bamboo to stunning effect, and here are five ideas to help you envision bamboo landscaping possibilities for your property.


The varying heights of the bamboo posts in this edging installation give the garden path a timeless, natural look. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a zen-infused stroll along these step stones?


Living bamboo forms a beautiful natural divider, but that may be more than you’d like to maintain. For you, a garden fence of bamboo may be the ticket. Compared to other wood fencing materials, termite-resistant bamboo is highly durable.


Bamboo is strong enough to support steady foot traffic, and it makes a handsome natural walkway—even (or especially) in the context of modern architecture, as exemplified in the above photo.


A wall-mounted bamboo trellis makes an organic, attractive support on which other plantings can grow and flourish. Break out the honeysuckle and clematis!


Though bamboo can be controlled, many varieties require diligent maintenance. If growing bamboo in your garden or yard seems too confounding, why not try planting in containers?

There are so many ways to exhibit the beauty of bamboo in landscaping. Whether it’s in a trellis, a water feature, or a bench, bamboo can add a wistfulness and sense of serenity to almost any space. Find a place to feature it, and enjoy.

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