Making a Bamboo Table Fountain: A 6 Step-by-Step Process - Bamboo Bootcamp
Bamboo Table Fountain

How to design your own Bamboo Table Fountains

A bamboo tabletop fountain will create a warm, natural and relaxing scene.

In addition to its decorative appeal, bamboos have several Feng Shui applications and in traditional Asian culture are considered to be a symbol of longevity and sustainability.

These fountains, which are considered the smallest bamboo furniture there is, are easy to design and look great. Here’s an easy-to-implement guide on how to design your own fountains.


Things You Will Need:

  • Medium sized Submersible Pump
  • Sharp Saw
  • Rubber Band
  • Sharp Knife
  • Marking pen
  • Bamboo Stake (Size: 1” diameter, 24” long)
  • River Stones (pebbles)
  • Flexible tube to connect bamboo to the pump spout. Tube’s diameter depends on the diameter of pump spout. Usually, getting a 10mm diameter tube does the job.
  • Bowl or basin

Step-by-Step Guide To Design Your Bamboo Tabletop Fountain

Safety Precautions: Be careful when using sharp objects. Bamboo stakes may have sharp edges so do take care with the split ends and its razor sharp edges. Clean up the bamboo stake before using it.

Step 1: Cut the bamboo stake in three different sized pieces. The dimensions of three pieces are: 8” for the tallest piece, 6” for the medium one, and 4” for the short one.

Step 2: Cut the bamboo edges with a saw at an angle

The upper end of the bamboo is the one that you would choose to cut at an angle. Using a sharp saw would help you minimize the shredding of fibers. Once you cut the upper ends of all the three pieces, you may want to seal the outer surface of the bamboo with melted wax, marine varnish, polyurethane spray, or carnauba wax to polish it up. The reason of doing so is to avoid the white circles that appear on the surface. This would help keep the stakes looking fresh and new.

Step 3: Using a sharp knife, cut open the growth rings in the bamboo stakes to make them hollow. Make sure that the growth rings are cut open broad enough for the water to flow smoothly without too much pressure. Cutting the growth rings in such a way that the bamboo stakes are about half a inch in diameter is ideal.

Step 4: Place the tallest bamboo stake over the pump opening. If it does not fit well, use the flexible tubing to make it snuggly. This is a critical part of your tabletop fountain design. Make sure that the stake and pump spout are well connected. If needed, feel free to use glue to tighten the fit.

Step 5: Place the bamboo and rocks in the bowl. Fill the smaller stones at the bottom of the bowl and larger ones on the top. Fill the bowl with water once you have placed sufficient stones in the bowl. Plug the bamboo stake into the pump opening and in a way that it is straight. If needed, support the bamboo stake with pebbles. Arrange the other two bamboo stakes in a way so that the water will slide into the adjacent pieces on its way down the pipe.

Step 6: Assemble the bamboo pieces with a rubber band. Tie them together with a ribbon or string. Turn on the fountain and observe the water flow. The water should rise out of the tallest bamboo stake, fall onto the two side pieces, and eventually fall into the basin.

If you wish, you may add a live bamboo plant to the fountain by immersing it about an inch into the pebbles.

If the water flow is not strong enough, you may increase it by adjusting the water flow regulator in pump.

Add stones to cover the cord. Feel free to add mosaic or your favorite crystals to your bamboo tabletop fountain if you wish to add a personal touch!

Your Bamboo Tabletop Fountain is ready to calm your senses and melt away your stress. It makes a perfect meditation companion. Having made it yourself, it enhances your feeling of connection with natural world. It acts as your created acts as your spiritual gateway to the essence of life