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  • Bamboo tableware: An Eco-friendly and hygienic choice for Eco-conscious citizens

    The world is at the risk and we are responsible for that. If you take a look at the amount of Plastic accumulation happening in the landfills you will get an idea about its negative impacts happening on the environment. Being a responsible citizen of this world we need to take some action. Plastic is highly resistant towards decomposition and empowered to pollute lands, oceans, groundwater, and creating a high threat to marine life. We need to take action in discontinuing plastic items for reducing non-recyclable waste and protect this planet plastic pollution. A good step can start with the use of bamboo tableware products. There are various types of bamboo tableware which are commonly used for serving meals. Major among them include:

    •    Bamboo chopsticks: Both disposable bamboo chopsticks and reusable chopsticks are considered as the most eco-friendly and versatile utensil for eating and can be useful tools in the kitchen too. Many ask this question “are bamboo chopsticks reusable?”.  Well the answer is yes, they are and you can wash them off easily, and carry it with you safely because of its lightweight, and keep using it over and over several times.
    •    Bamboo bowls: Bamboo bowls are very pretty and elegant to look at when placed on the dining table.  It is one of the most practical additions one can have in their home. Some use it for decor purpose also and some use it as serving bowls or also as salad bowls.  Genuinely it is a timeless classic. Bamboo proved to be one of the fast-growing grasses on this earth that are naturally molded- as well as mildew-resistant. It is much stronger than other types of hardwoods. Bamboo fiber along with other plant-based ingredients is used for the making of the bamboo bowls.
    •    Bamboo skewers: Grilled food is very popular and especially among people who are health conscious. Bamboo Skewers are an ideal choice to grill chicken slices, or for making any other grilled item in barbecue. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that it needs to be soaked well in water for at least half an hour to protect it from catching fire when bamboo skewers on grill placed or in the barbecue fires.  6-inch bamboo skewers are considered best for a barbecue. If you want to make the presentation of the grilled dish in a stylish way then go for the knotted bamboo skewers.  If you want to use the skewer like a snack picker from tray then go with 4-inch bamboo skewers. If you are looking for something really from all skewers we talked about then buy extra long bamboo skewers.
    •    Bamboo fork: Bamboo fork is designed using solid and organically grown bamboo.  Such type of utensils is perfect for picnics, pool parties, and barbecues. Here bamboo cooking chopsticks can be used as an alternative. If you invest in buying quality cutlery set made of bamboo then that will include a knife, spoon, and fork.
    •    There are many other products like Natural bamboo steamer, Cutting boards, spatulas, Salt and pepper shakers and bamboo plates which can be the ideal choice for your dining table presentation. Disposable bamboo plates are perfect for outdoor events, for example, casual garden weddings, bachelorette parties, picnics, birthdays, conferences, quick family meals, and for any occasion. Such plates look nicer and much more durable when compared to cheap plastic or even paper tableware.

    Reasons to buy bamboo tableware utensils:

    1.    Eco-friendly: The Eco-friendly features of the bamboo acted as one of the main reason for the popularity of bamboo kitchen utensils among eco-conscious individuals.
    2.    Durability: Bamboo tableware is basically very strong and durable. The surprising fact is that besides being strong it is light as well as flexible. It’s long-lasting, and highly durable when compared with wooden and plastic ones.
    3.    Free from odor, stain, and heat: Bamboo is highly resistant to heat, stain, as well as water. Bamboo products never get stained and never absorb odors. Cleaning of the utensils can be done very easily. You must know how to use bamboo skewers or any other utensils made of bamboo.
    4.    Having a smooth finish: Bamboo utensils come with a smooth finish with no rough or porous texture after using the same for just a few months.
    5.    Looks elegant and attractive: Bamboo tableware and kitchen utensils are lightweight, very functional, and highly comfortable to use. The kitchen tools made of bamboo give a fresh and natural look to any kitchen. It can be a perfect choice for making gifts on weddings, showers, as well as in housewarmings.
    6.    Safe for nonstick cooking: Spatula made of bamboo when used for cooking in nonstick pans will not hurt the non-stick finish and cause any scratch.
    7.    Non-breakable: As we already mentioned that bamboo utensils of any type be it long bamboo skewers or reusable bamboo chopsticks are very strong. Which means that breaking them down is very difficult. It is the best alternative to plastic, porcelain or glass utensils which are prone to breakage.
    8.    Affordability: Affordability is something which can’t be overlooked in the case of bamboo kitchenware. You can get good quality bamboo products at half the price of glass or plastic products.