Benefits of Using Bamboo Fibre Tableware - Bamboo Bootcamp
  • Bamboo fibre tableware is safer for your family to use and is much better for the environment than many alternatives. Those who have made the switch to using these dishes find the advantages worth it. Let’s just take two minutes and look at the benefits of using bamboo fibre tableware.

    How Is Bamboo Fibre Produced?

    Producers of bamboo fibre use advanced technology to pull cellulose out of the bamboo. The cellulose is mixed with other types of plant fibre to create the bamboo fibre.

    When bamboo grows, it naturally produces negative ions that can protect it from insects and harmful bacteria. Because of this, there is no need to use fertilizers with chemicals in them or pesticides during the growing process. It makes the bamboo safer to use overall and keeps pollutants out of the ground and the air.

    Benefits of Bamboo Fibre

    From durability to anti-bacterial properties, and more, there are many benefits to using bamboo fibre tableware over traditional kinds of dishes. Read on to see what these advantages include.

    Bamboo tableware isn’t likely to break if they drop it. The material is very durable and can withstand hitting the floor or any other surface with ease. This durability makes these dishes a good choice to use for children, especially of very y

    2. Easy to Clean

    Bamboo fibre doesn’t soak up color or odor from the food that’s in or on it. They are easy to clean and maintain. Bamboo doesn’t allow for the food to seep into the fibre so most meals can simply be wiped away with some soapy water and a sponge.

    3. Anti-Bacterial Properties

    The negative ions we mentioned above create natural anti-bacterial properties that prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. You won’t end up with foul smells like you can with other types of wooden or plastic bowls. You also need not worry about you or your family eating from surfaces that may have invisible bacteria growing on them.

    4. Chemical-Free

    Bamboo needs no help fighting off the pests that plague other kinds of crops. Its natural defense system can keep bugs and bacteria away. That means there’s no need for chemicals and pesticides bad for your health and for the planet. At no point in the production process of bamboo fibre tableware are their chemicals used, from the growing phase all the way through to the finished product.

    5. 100% Bio-Degradable

    Bamboo fibre is 100% bio-degradable, which means it’s completely eco-friendly. Bamboo starts as a natural substance on Earth and ends that way too. It’s also fast-growing, so it is an easily sustainable option as a highly renewable material for the world.

    6. Very Lightweight

    Tableware made of bamboo fibre is very lightweight. It makes sense to have these dishes for small children as they aren’t heavy, so it’s easy for kids to maneuver them around. Your child can pick up a cup or bowl with ease and don’t worry about them dropping anything due to the weight.

    7. Virtually Unbreakable

    Bamboo fibre tableware is very strong yet very flexible. Because of this, the dishes are virtually indestructible. You also won’t see a lot of wear and tear showing up on them. Discoloration and burning won’t be an issue either. The strength of the bamboo fibre means it won’t break on impact if your kids drop a cup or bowl.