Discover Bayambang, Pangasinan with the Statue of St Vincent Ferrer: Worlds Tallest Bamboo Sculpture - Bamboo Bootcamp
  • Bayambang is a first class town located in the province of Pangasinan. As we all know, Pangasinan is popular with tourist attractions such as the Hundred Islands and Bolinao. Never heard of Bayambang, like ever! Ever!!!!!! Everrrrrr!! Arte ba? Lol. But that’s about to change soon. A big statue made from engineered bamboo is about to put Bayambang on the map.

    In between the towns of Malasiqui and Camiling, the town of Bayambang is also known as the “Fifth Capital of the First Philippine Republic” during the Presidency of Emilio Aguinaldo. Yep! Tumaas ba kilay mo? Lol. Anyways, it’s true. Google it. Swear! Haha. It is a huge town which consists of 77 barangays. It boasts a number of beautiful attractions including the Langiran Lake, and of course its very beautiful Parish Church of St Vincent Ferrer. The town is also known for having the longest barbecue grill, a Guiness World Record they achieved in 2014.


    St Vincent Ferrer is the town’s patron saint. In line with the town’s 405th founding anniversary, they sculptured a state of the art statue of its Saint. Made from steel and engineered bamboo, it landed as the “Worlds Tallest Bamboo Sculpture” in the Guiness World Record list. Standing almost 51 meters high, the statue is taller than a more popular Statue of Liberty in New York (46 meters tall, without its foundation), and Christ the Redeemer in Sao Paolo, Brazil (38 meters tall). It also boasts an indestructible design. Engineered to withstand even a strong earthquake.

    The statue, located in Barangay Bani, is an idea of a former Pinoy Big Brother housemate and actress Nina Jose. She’s a devotee of the patron saint and also the wife of the town Mayor Cezar Quiambao.

    As of this moment, the statue is still undergoing finishing touches. The statue stands in the middle of an emerging Prayer Park in Bayambang. When I was there, I was so amazed by its beauty. Artistically sculptured into perfect piece of art! Amazing! The park is still under construction. Once complete, I’m telling you it’s going to be big. Bayambang will definitely have it’s crowning glory in the tourism industry. If you want to see a world class attraction, visit Bayambang now!


    Bayambang is a 4hrs bus ride from Cubao. You may take Solid North or Five Star buses bound to San Carlos. Tell the driver to drop you off in Bayambang. Fare is Php305. Mas mahal pa pamasahe sa grab kesa sa bus papuntang Pangasinan. Lol.

    From Bayambang, take a tricyle ride and tell the driver to bring you to prayer park. Special price is Php30-50.


    The statue of St Vincent Ferrer is definitely stunning. A breath of fresh air for travelers. To those who wants to meditate or connect with God and at the same time enjoy a perfect view of a world class creation, this spot is definitely a must see. A work in progress now. Once the construction of the Prayer Park is complete, it’s going to be a hit. Is it worth the visit? Yes! Yes na yes na yes na yes! 

    I’m giving this a perfect 10/10.