One material that we love is Bamboo - Bamboo Bootcamp
  • Bamboo is a very versatile material and it is used often in various fields like building industry, architecture and design sectors. Furniture, rugs, fabrics, textiles make bamboo products showing its natural textures and its elegance in addition to its strength, durability, smoothness and cleanness.

    Bamboo is actually a type of grass that is very fast growing and in most of the cases doesn’t need to be replanted but regrows on its own after harvest. It is able to reach its maturity in three to five years in most of species.As in fact we have already discussed about the various uses of this natural material in our blog here we would like to enhance this fantastic material as a very good option as wooden floor.

    We have asked than to one of our best supplier to explain better what are the characteristic of a bamboo wooden floor.

    So what are the propriety of a bamboo flooring?

    Quality – ‘Floor bamboo’ is a result of careful research and technology to enhance the qualities of bamboo by developing aesthetic, sustainable, affordable and durable flooring. It is the result of Eastern philosophy and expertise for working with bamboo, combined with Italian design and quality control. The bamboo canes are treated, prepared and carefully hand-finished in China where the experience and know-how of working bamboo is, and transported to Italy for quality control and certification to meet European quality standards and design requirements, incl. a variety of colors and finishes.

    Durability and hardness – The bamboo canes are cultivated along river basins in the hill regions, where the soil is most fertile. Each piece is carefully selected and imported once it reaches 5-6 years of age and is taken through a treatment of steaming and drying to improve stability. This process enforces the durability of ‘Floorbamboo’, creating a finished flooring that is up to 3 times harder than any wood flooring (up to 11.4 in the Brinell scale Kg/mm2) and suitable for indoor/outdoor residential use, as well as commercial projects with high traffic, even with high heals.

    Eco-sustainability – Celebrated for its enduring and sustainable properties, bamboo flooring is an increasingly popular choice for sustainability-conscious projects and clients. It is an Eco-sustainable choice because the bamboo plant can grow up to one meter a day and entirely regenerates after 5 years – preventing soil erosion and absorbing CO2 four times faster than forests. In addition, it produces 35% more oxygen. With the number of oak forests reducing, and the time required for their regeneration, we are confident that bamboo is certainly the material of choice for the future.

    Cost-effectiveness – Although the highest quality bamboo flooring in the market, Floor bamboo is still very competitive (30% cheaper than oak).

    If you would like further information please visit our trusted supplier.

    What we would like to add is like all naturally sourced materials also when it comes to bamboo we need to verify how it has been sourced and be sure that it comes from a sustainable plantation before buying it.