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  • When planning a garden, you might want to look at supports that are natural and easily available as well as being versatile. Instead of using plastic sticks for plants, you might want to consider bamboo support sticks for plants instead. Bamboo sticks for plants are some of the most popular natural supports used in gardens all over the world, Bamboo plants are perennial evergreen grasses and there are many species grown around the globe. Bamboo is strong and can be grown as edible shoots, rayon production from the cellulose fibers of the plants as well as bamboo sticks for plants, chopsticks and many, many other uses.

    The bamboo used in sticks for plants are often dyed various colors but can also be found in various brownish shades naturally. This sticks to hold up plants are available in many sizes, which means that you are likely to find sticks for plants to suit any need. If you are planting a vegetable garden you can use bamboo sticks for plants that are tall for growing green beans or peas or a shorter support stick for plants for peppers or chili plants. You can also look at plant 3 or 4 sticks to hold up plants in the form of a triangle or tepee formation, by joining them at the top so they are wider at the base, in a pyramid shape. You can also plant a few of these sticks for plants in a series of pyramids in a row and run more sticks across the tops, joining them together in a row. This makes a sturdy platform to grow a variety of vegetables.

    Bamboo sticks for plants are perfect for structures and supports in your garden and offer a natural looking landscape accent. Bamboo support sticks for plants are lightweight, weather well, are versatile and inexpensive. If removed after harvesting, they can be re-used for a few seasons before they can be composted. You can use these bamboo sticks, plants such as roses work well here, to create flower trellises and arbors. Instead of using them only as sticks to hold up plants, you can use them as structures and fences in your garden as well. Plastic sticks for plants are not environmentally friendly and do not weather as well as the more natural bamboo products. In every garden there is likely to be flowers and plants that need support or a stake for climbing or just to grow straight and strong. Unlike plastic sticks for plants which add to the already overabundance of plastic in landfills, bamboo is a renewable resource which does not harm the environment. Bamboo sticks for plants can be cut to the perfect size for any use in the garden. It is light and easy to carry and almost anyone can use it in their garden. Bamboo can be reused for a number of seasons, which makes it more economical in the long run as well. You can also design your own structures such as short or tall trellises, fences, arbors and so forth to meet your own needs using this strong but lightweight bamboo material. Using bamboo sticks plants can be made to grow in certain designs. Trellises can be created in a size and shape when using bamboo sticks, so that they can fit in to almost any space.

    People mainly use bamboo sticks for plants that would usually not be able to hold up their own weight as they grow, plants that climb or plants that become heavy with fruit. Using a strip of cloth or a soft natural twine or rope, the young plant can be attached to the bamboo stick. The bamboo support sticks would usually be planted right next to the plant it needs to support and the fastening should be gentle so that the young plant is not damaged. There also needs to be a little bit of room for the young plant to grow. If the plant is attached too tightly it will not grow and the upper parts can easy break off if there is a bit of wind if it is tightly attached.

    You can try using bamboo sticks as cages for your plants as well or to hold down wire support cages to prevent damage to fruiting plants. Look at using bamboo sticks to create floating row covers to protect your plants from animals, pests and even frost on the ground. This will also allow you to start planting your plants earlier in the season as the young plants will be protected. You can use frost blankets for cold periods and a lighter fabric during the growing season, which allows light and moisture through but protects the plants from animals, insects and birds.

    Another great use for bamboo sticks in your garden it to create fencing, screens and gates. You can attach a number of different sizes and colors of bamboo together to create nice patterns to create screens to hide a bad area in the garden or make a specific area look more beautiful. Fencing can be 1 layer of bamboo thick or lash a bunch of thin bamboo sticks together to create a thicker fencing for the garden. If you know how to steam and bend bamboo, you can also create some amazing arches for your garden, from small ones to accent your plants to large ones to create walkway covers or rounded trellises as garden features. Use smaller bamboo arches to make a border for your flowerbeds or to section off parts of your vegetable garden. If you look at your local gardening shop, you may actually be able to purchase ready made bamboo arches.

    It is actually quite an amazing and versatile product. The natural joints in the bamboo assist in the tying of plants to the support without it slipping down and the plant losing the support structure. If you don’t want to fasten the plants to the bamboo directly, you can plant bamboo sticks in rows in your garden, one row either side of the plants to be supported and run twine between the two sets of poles as well as within the rows, in a grid pattern. This will create support for the plants without them having to be directly attached to the bamboo poles.

    With just a little imagination, this eco-friendly, natural product can be used in a flower or vegetable garden to make it look better as well as support young or fruiting plants to grow well. Bamboo looks great, is versatile and economical and available in a wide variety of lengths and thicknesses. Best of all, bamboo is sustainable and not harmful to the environment and the creatures that live in it. Bamboo sticks for plants are a winner in this category of garden landscaping.