The Best 4 Types of Bamboo Used in Construction - Bamboo Bootcamp


Bamboo is available in many species. However, not all bamboo species are good for construction. Before you can just pick any bamboo on the market for construction, check out the list below to know which type will be ideal for construction.


Under Genus Guadua, you will get 20 more subspecies that can be used in construction. Depending on your location around the world, you are likely to end up with one of the subspecies. They are liked for having massive timber varieties with some growing up to 100 feet tall. They tend to have a diameter of 6 inches, which is good for construction.

This species can grow indigenously in the tropics, such as Central and South America.

These species are generally easy to work with as compared to others. Even if you are still a newbie to using bamboo, you should find shaping it to be easy.

Another top feature of the species is that it is superior in strength. Since it is fast-growing, you should always have some ready for harvesting. This makes the species good for business.


The species is also good for construction as it presents better durability and strength. The canes can grow up to 60 feet tall with a diameter of 5 inches. As you can see, it should be good for various construction projects.

This bamboo species is also good in terms of hardness. As a result, it will be common for making furniture, light construction, and paper. Some will even use for making bridges, housewares, and musical instruments. It is quite the versatile bamboo type.


The Bambusa species can be grown in your garden and then harvested for various construction projects. It is also known for its tasty and edible shoots. The species grows tall and upright. You will find most canes reaching up to 60 feet high. Sometimes they can go up to 100 feet tall.

Thanks to its very thick walls, you will always find that the species can hold a lot more weight without buckling. Other than home construction, it can still be used for scaffolding, crafts, fencing, and thatching.


You can find this type of bamboo species in various parts of the world as it is more tolerant to various temperate habitats. It is common for their roots to get out of control; hence they are called runners. Let that not worry you about its use in the construction sector. You will find that its durability makes it great for the construction of your house.

Still, the same can be used for making scaffolds, chopsticks, and other types of handicrafts.