• Bamboo material is used more popularly in architecture and construction. Bamboo is the resource growed everywhere. It regenerates annually, has high durability, minimal weight and tensile so it’s easy to be transported and shaped.

    Bamboo structure

    Bamboo reaches the wonderful durability thanks to its hollow tube, tubular structure, evolves over millennia to against the wind in natural habitat. With compact property, tubular, bamboo material is used flexibly. Bamboo culms are combined skillfully to create the bearing columns or decorate for the architectures.

    The mechanical property of bamboo

    The mechanical property of bamboo is twice or three time as high as the conventional wood. The bamboo’s tensile is stronger than steel, and it withstands compression better than concrete. Ratio of tensile resistance to specific weight is 6 times greater than that of steel.

    Especially, bamboo has the wonderful tensile, so that, it’s easy to shaped for the works, be also the remarkable feature that bamboo house can against tornado and shocks. Therefore, this “Green Steel” material is the trend to create the unique and sustainable architectures. 

    The life expectancy of bamboo and bamboo architecture

    The studies have shown that bamboos grow on the slopes are stronger than others in the valleys. Bamboos grow in the mountain hills are rigidder than others in riverside lands.

    For treated bamboo, if it placed outdoor, the life expectancy will last 3-4 years. If it placed under the roof – is not directly affected by sunshine and rain – the life expectancy of bamboo structures will last over 50 years.

    According Bambou Habitat, the durability of bamboo houses is not shorter than wood houses. In Japan, there is a bamboo house with over 200 years of life. In Viet Nam, there is a bamboo house in Quang Nam with life expectancy near 100 years. 


    The modern processing and construction techniques allow for better protection of the home from erratic weather, insects and time. If bamboo is selected and treated well, designed properly, the bamboo house can maintained for a life.

    In the trend of Modern Green Architecture, bamboo material is the perfect selection for all projects.