Why Choose Bamboo Furnitures and Bamboo Cottages? - Bamboo Bootcamp

Bamboo is now widely used as a building material in many countries around the world.  Many people resort to using the traditional bamboo as part of their homes’ walls and foundations.  Bamboo furniture designs has made a steady improvement and found their way in most homes.  They are environment friendly, cost effective and practical.  Aside from the bamboo furnitures, many also bought bamboo cottages.  Before, this was only used in beaches and resorts.  But now, many purchased bamboo cottages instead of metallic sets for their gardens and outdoor spot in their homes.

We wonder, why bamboo furnitures and bamboo cottages is such a big hit nowadays?

First, bamboo grows incredibly fast.  Bamboo is actually a type of grass, and it is one of the fastest growing plants in the world.  It grows about 24 inches a day, can achieve its full thickness and height within 3-4 months.  Due to the rapid growth, many furniture makers decided to use bamboo because of its availability.

Second, bamboo is more durable.  Bamboo furnitures and bamboo cottages can withstand the daily rigours.  If treated properly and handled with care, the bamboo is more resistant to damage than hardwood.  Even if we cut the bamboo, it still looks beautiful.  

Third, bamboo is known for its strength.  The tensile strength of a steel is 23,000 per square inch, whereas the tensile strength of bamboo is 28,000 per square inch!  Bamboo fiber is often used for strengthening composite materials.  Many construction firms uses bamboo as a substitute for steel as scaffoldings since it is cheaper than steel, and more durable as well.

Fourth, bamboo is affordable.  Since bamboo grows incredibly fast, there is enough supply all year round.  The abundance in supply helps to keep the price of bamboo furniture and cottages affordable.

Fifth, bamboo is flexible for most furniture designs.  Bamboo can be used as a pole and used as foundations for most furnitures and cottages.  It can also be chopped into fine smaller strands, and can be used a walls and flooring.  It can also be used as a flat panel.  Thus, there are many options in creating a beautiful bamboo furnitures and bamboo cottages.

Sixth, it is better for air.  The use of bamboo in your furniture prevents hardwood trees from hacking, and it is more eco-friendly than any other materials.

Like hardwoods, bamboo furnitures and bamboo cottages must be treated well to preserve its beauty and durability.  You can check here how to take care of your bamboo furniture.


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